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  • Vendor Holiday Camp Peachjar Flyers

    RRISD Enrichment is offering to post your Holiday Camp Flyers to Peachjar again this year to help you promote your classes or camps being held during school holidays. This opportunity is completely optional. These flyers should not include the regular after school or online classes being held through Round Rock ISD. A single fee of $100 is charged for all holiday camp flyers posted on Peachjar during the same school year. Payment for holiday flyers must be submitted here prior to the flyer submission deadline. Holiday camp flyers must include the following: Class or camp description Class or camp dates Class or camp times Class or camp prices Class or camp locations Class or camp registration link Class or camp contact for more information Flyers must be one 8.5 x 11 page Flyers must be PDF or JPG format. Flyers must comply with all RRISD vendor flyer requirements. Flyers must be submitted to for approval no later than noon on the deadlines listed below: Thanksgiving Break - November 8, 2021 flyer deadline Winter Break - December 6, 2021 flyer deadline Spring Break - February 28, 2022 flyer deadline All other student holidays - two weeks prior to break Please contact for more information.