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  • Nerdy Action Camp (Gr. 1-6) by Nerdy Cooks

    Let's have fun in and out of our test kitchen this summer! Engage in indoor experiments like making ice cream and edible bubbles, outdoor activities like building rockets and baking in solar ovens, and a whole water experiment (and getting wet) day! For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Puzzling Math: Play & Learn! (Gr. 3-6) by Compuchild (#9C)

    Our Fun Math Quest Camp is a dynamic and interactive summer program designed to transform math education into an engaging adventure for our students. Through stimulating brain teasers, interactive games, and collaborative activities, our camp cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a joyful learning environment. Moreover, our camp encourages creative exploration, enabling students to engage in hands-on projects and innovative problem-solving challenges. By embracing creativity and teamwork, Fun Math Quest Camp not only enhances math proficiency but also nurtures a genuine love for learning. We firmly believe that fostering their curiosity and empowering them to explore math in imaginative ways will instill a deep and lasting appreciation for the subject. This innovative approach is poised to significantly benefit our students, boosting their confidence and enthusiasm for mathematics while leaving a positive impact on their academic journey. For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Roblox Game Design (Gr. 2-5) by Wize Computing Academy

    Welcome to the World of Game Design with Roblox! Get ready for an epic journey young minds unleash their boundless creativity. Our curriculum offers a comprehensive & diverse array of vital game design concepts and abilities. Kids get hands-on experiences in character and avatar design, the construction of breathtaking game worlds, and the wizardry of embedding gameplay mechanics through scripting (coding). They'll also grasp the significance of game testing, feedback gathering, and iterative design to forge unparalleled gaming experiences. This course, we inspire kids to chase their dreams, ignite their entrepreneurial spirits, and continue their journey as rising game design luminaries. For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Scratch: Intro to Game Development (Gr. 2-5) by Coding with Kids (#8C)

    Do you love playing games and telling stories? If you do, then this course is perfect for you! Get ready to learn how to code and express your creativity. We'll be using Scratch, a fun drag-and-drop coding tool which lets you create cool games, animations, and interactive stories. In this course, you will build exciting projects like games where characters jump and run on scrolling platforms, stories where you can navigate through a maze, and even multiplayer games to play with your friends! If you're just starting out, we'll begin by learning the basics of coding games. We'll teach you how to make things happen in your games using loops, conditions, and variables. Returning students will move on to more interesting concepts like using special conditions and making functions that can do different tasks. For those who want an extra challenge, we'll explore advanced topics like game physics, working with arrays (a way to store lots of information), and even adding artificial intelligence to your games! So get ready to have a blast! For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Sew a Circle Skirt! (Gr. 4-8) by Sew My Goodness

    Sew a circle skirt using Pi (3.14) to create a custom fit. If time permits, students may also sew matching scrunchies. Required Purchase before first day of camp: 2 continuous yards of non-stretch woven cotton fabric 1 spool of coordinating all purpose thread 1 package of 1” elastic IMPORTANT: ALL FABRIC MUST BE WASHED AND DRIED PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP OR IT WILL SHRINK AFTER SEWING. For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Speak Beat (Gr. 6-12) by Round Rock ISD Teacher

    Speak Beat is an innovative literacy workshop that combines communications with music, audio engineering, language arts, public speaking and performance arts. Speak Beat is for the creative student who is interested in live performance, slam poetry/spoken word, public speaking, oral reading, acting, theater, and giving live presentations. Students will workshop their material to be performed or shared before a live audience. Speak Beat develops confidence, leadership skills, literacy, goal setting, collaboration, positive self-esteem, and empowerment. Speak Beat gives participants a voice to express themselves while reinforcing areas of English and Language Arts, digital literacy, audio & video technology, and multimedia applications used in 21st century communication trends. Whether you are a novice public speaker or a professional expert, Speak Beat is an educational platform that encourages public speaking in a creative and supportive environment. Each participant or team will have up to 5 minutes to present prepared material, which can be spoken, acted out, or performed live. The material can be original or performed material that adheres to the Fair Use of US Copyright laws. For questions about this specific class, please email:
  • Storybook Creations Camp: Art & Creative Writing (Gr. 3-6) by Round Rock ISD Teacher

    During this summer camp we are going to use our creativity to create the stories of our wildest dreams! We will follow typical writing styles and rules to fill pages with words we can't stop reading. When we finish our writing, we will create illustrations and bindings to go with it so we can read them over and over throughout our years. For questions about this specific class, please email:
  • Writer's Workshop (Gr. 3-6) by Compuchild (#9E)

    Our engaging writing program is designed to nurture young talents and inspire creativity. In our workshop, students will embark on a literary journey, honing their writing skills, building confidence, and exploring the depths of their imagination. Through enjoyable activities, they'll learn the art of expressing themselves through written language, crafting vibrant characters and settings, and honing their unique writing style. Writing isn't just a skill; it's a gateway to improved critical thinking and communication abilities. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to fostering these talents. We collaborate closely with your school to tailor our program to your curriculum and academic objectives. With our Writer's Workshop, students not only enhance their academic prowess but also gain the essential skills and tools needed to excel in school and life beyond the classroom. For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Yoga (Gr. 1-5) by Round Rock ISD Teacher

    Yoga class where students will learn simple yoga poses and breathing exercises. Required Equipment: Bring any type of personal Yoga mat to class each day. For questions about this specific class, please email: