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  • Little Coders: Intro to Coding (Gr. K-2) by Coding with Kids (#8A)

    Get them started early! Our Little Coders class offers young children the perfect opportunity to develop their computational thinking skills, create their first programs, and have a blast with their friends! Our curriculum is tailored specifically for early readers and takes into consideration their cognitive abilities and attention span, typically found in children aged 5-7. We utilize age-appropriate online tools, including Lightbot, Kodable, and Scratch, to introduce fundamental coding skills. Beginner students learn essential coding concepts such as Loops and Conditions. Through practice, they apply these concepts to build simple projects, including games, stories, and even animated characters. Returning and experienced students encounter new challenges that will allow them to push their coding knowledge to the next level. Prerequisites: Basic reading helpful but not required Can handle mouse and keyboard comfortably For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Code & Explore with Finch Robots (Gr. 2-5) by Round Rock ISD Teacher

    Coding with Finch robots is an exhilarating and educational experience that blends technology, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The Finch is a small, programmable robot with a myriad of sensors and actuators, making it a versatile tool for exploring various coding concepts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, coding with Finch robots offers a hands-on approach to learning. Using a block-based programming language, you can unleash your imagination and bring the Finch to life. By writing code, you can instruct the Finch to move, make sounds, recognize objects, avoid obstacles, or interact with its environment using its light and touch sensors. This empowers you to create interactive and dynamic projects that engage both your mind and your senses. Moreover, coding with Finch robots fosters a growth mindset by promoting resilience and problem-solving skills. As students encounter obstacles or unexpected results, they learn to analyze, debug, and improve their code. This iterative process not only strengthens kids' programming skills but also cultivates perseverance and adaptability. Coding with Finch robots is an exciting journey that combines creativity, logical thinking, and a deep understanding of technology. It empowers students to become a master of code and robotics, unlocking a universe of endless possibilities. So join us as we embark on your coding adventure that lets kids' imaginations soar. Required Supplies: Bring you RRISD District Chromebook. For questions about this specific class, please email:
  • Scratch: Intro to Game Development (Gr. 2-5) by Coding with Kids (#8C)

    Do you love playing games and telling stories? If you do, then this course is perfect for you! Get ready to learn how to code and express your creativity. We'll be using Scratch, a fun drag-and-drop coding tool which lets you create cool games, animations, and interactive stories. In this course, you will build exciting projects like games where characters jump and run on scrolling platforms, stories where you can navigate through a maze, and even multiplayer games to play with your friends! If you're just starting out, we'll begin by learning the basics of coding games. We'll teach you how to make things happen in your games using loops, conditions, and variables. Returning students will move on to more interesting concepts like using special conditions and making functions that can do different tasks. For those who want an extra challenge, we'll explore advanced topics like game physics, working with arrays (a way to store lots of information), and even adding artificial intelligence to your games! So get ready to have a blast! For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Scratch: Create Stories and Animations (Gr. 2-5) by Coding with Kids (#8C)

    Game developers are much more than tech experts — they’re also creatives who use code to bring stories to life. If you would like to express your creativity through code, this course is for you. These lessons take students with basic Scratch skills beyond game creation into the magical world of storytelling. Students brainstorm and organize their ideas, use Scratch’s art tools to draw original game assets, and code story projects with many scenes and animations. For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit
  • Roblox Game Design (Gr. 2-5) by Wize Computing Academy

    Welcome to the World of Game Design with Roblox! Get ready for an epic journey young minds unleash their boundless creativity. Our curriculum offers a comprehensive & diverse array of vital game design concepts and abilities. Kids get hands-on experiences in character and avatar design, the construction of breathtaking game worlds, and the wizardry of embedding gameplay mechanics through scripting (coding). They'll also grasp the significance of game testing, feedback gathering, and iterative design to forge unparalleled gaming experiences. This course, we inspire kids to chase their dreams, ignite their entrepreneurial spirits, and continue their journey as rising game design luminaries. For questions about this specific class, please contact For more information about this company, please visit