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Roblox Game Design Gr. 4-8 by Wize Computing

Summer Camps / Coding/Programming -
2024 Summer Online/Virtual Camps

Welcome to the World of Game Design with Roblox! Get ready for an epic journey young minds unleash their boundless creativity.

Our curriculum offers a comprehensive & diverse array of vital game design concepts and abilities. Kids get hands-on experiences in character and avatar design, the construction of breathtaking game worlds, and the wizardry of embedding gameplay mechanics through scripting (coding). They'll also grasp the significance of game testing, feedback gathering, and iterative design to forge unparalleled gaming experiences.
This course, we inspire kids to chase their dreams, ignite their entrepreneurial spirits, and continue their journey as rising game design luminaries.

REQUIRED: Students will need to have Roblox Studio installed on their computer/laptop before the first class.

Student will need a laptop computer that is less than 5-years old and a good internet connection. Our online classroom software works on any operating system and/or browser.

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  Wize Computing Academy (44)

Wednesdays, Jun 5 - Jul 10
6:30 - 7:30 PM


Grades   4th - 7th

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