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U-Tubers Unite! (Gr. 4-12) by ESTEAM Learning Labs *Asynchronous

Youth Enrichment / Personal Enrichment -
Summer 2021 ONLINE

Short Form Content Creation is where it is at!!

Students will go through a series of video lessons that will take students from start to finish creating their own U-tube channel and content.

Students will work on short-form content; gameplay commentary, lifestyle shows, product reviews, current events, etc….

Once the footage has been captured, students will work to edit and deliver the footage in an exciting show format that excites and captivates their audience.

Any up-and-coming YouTuber will love this crash course in content creation!

Additional opportunities to work with your YouTube Guide will be available offline as an additional virtual session for an additional fee.

Virtual Camps are online/anytime.

Requirements:  iPad/iPhone/Android/Any device that you can make a movie with. LED Desk Lamp, plastic bag/cooking sheet/bedsheet, a quiet place to record audio, a list of YouTubers that a student admires.

For questions about this specific class, please email: