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LEGO® Movie Making (Gr. 2-6) by ESTEAM Learning Labs *Asynchronous

Youth Enrichment / LEGO® -
Summer 2021 ONLINE

Our LEGO Moviemaking takes your child to the next level with their stop-motion animation skills. Students will go through a series of video lessons that will take students from start to finish creating their own LEGO Stop-motion Movie.

Students will work to create a short story, draw it out, and build it with LEGO® Bricks, and then they bring it to life on film.

Students can use LEGO Brick and kits that they have at home to create their very own movie sets and then create a movie complete with music and special effects.

Additional opportunities to work with your LEGO Stop-Motion Guide will be available offline as an additional virtual session for an additional fee.

Virtual Camps are online/anytime.

Requirements:  iPad/iPhone/Android/Any device that you can take a picture with. You will need to download this app called “Stop Motion Animation”. The free version has a blue icon and the paid one is purple. LED Desk Lamp, plastic bag/cooking sheet/bedsheet, a quiet place to record audio, and LEGO Bricks!

For questions about this specific class, please email: