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Extreme LEGO® Maker (Gr. 1-5) by ESTEAM Learning Labs (#17C)

Summer Camps / Engineering -
2024 Summer In-Person Camps

Students will have the opportunity to choose from any of the 5 different STEAM stations that they would like to dive into and learn more about. This self-paced learner driver club has so many options to choose from and will keep your future engineer, programmer, movie maker, and techie engaged for this fun summer camp!

The 5 STEAM options include:

LEGO® Science: Simple & Amazing Machines; 

LEGO® Technology: Movie Making; 

LEGO® Engineering: Robotics & Programming; 

LEGO® Art: Mosaic, Story Tellers & Maker Space; 

LEGO® Math: Math Games & Master Builders

Create, Design, Build, Learn all with LEGOS®!

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3537B-24G England Closed

  ESTEAM Learning Labs (17)

England Elementary
Mon Jul 22 - Thu Jul 25
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   K - 5th

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